Fer plus

Fer plus is 100%soluble and solve easily. Fer plus is left by being spilled in a cup of post(cask or bucket) slowly. It does not get mixed, it gets solved by it is own. It can be applied with sprinkling, drinping and running water via fimugations from leaves for any type of soil. Iron humate got formed by combining 100% chelated iron and fer plus 100% humic acid chealated fer plus could be used in all kinds of soil, by all irrigation systems and by foliar method to provend the iron chloroses in the soils with high iron deficiency. Fer plus helps the plants to absorbe iron and also maintance it is longevity therefore it is effectiveness compare to other products with iron content in the soils with high PH levels. In plants specially plastids are impacted the most by iron deficiency. It is quite important because it has an important role in plants synthesis and plants multilateral and vital protein structures. With sufficient iron nutrient plants growth increases and harvesting time shortens. Fer plus increases the clorofile development in plants. It provides longer harvesting and high quality plentyfull products. With fer plus two positive results are obtained, iron deficiency is cured and soil conditions are improved in a positive way.

Guaranteed contentAmount(w/w)%
Soluble Iron3/8
Humic acid25
Fulvic acid7/3
Total organic matter1/37
Maximum moisture2/6