100% soluble and solve easily. humix is left by it is own by being spilled in a cup of post(cusk or bucket)slowly. It does not get mixed, it gets solved by it is own. Humix could be used in all kinds of soil, by all irrigation systems and by foliar application. Humix provides the best conditions for plant development. Humix is the most effective soil conditioner for the annuel and perenuel plants. It is quite effective balancing soil PH levels. It helps the plant s cell membranes absorbance of nutrients and pesticides. In the soils with high calcium levels(lime) plants absorbe nutrients more difficultly. Humix eases absorbance by forming chealated complexes with nutrients. Humix increases the activities of microorganisms therefore it eliminates the problems resulted from excessive fertilizing. Humix application must be repeated periodicaly for soils in greenhouses and open fields which are fertilized constantly. Humix must be used more frequently in soils where phosphate accumulation is severe. Humix prevents waste of nitrogen fertilizers and eliminate problems due to excessive fertilizing.

Guaranteed contentAmount(w/w)%
Total organic matter6/55
Humic acid55/6
Fulvic acid5/9