Combi 2

Combi2 is 100%soluble and solve easily. Combi2 is left by being spilled in a cup of post(cask or bucket) slowly. It does not get mixed, it gets solved by it is own. It can be applied with sprinkling, drinping and running water via fimugations from leaves for any type of soil. 100% humic acid chealated combi2 humate could be used in all kinds of soil by all irrigation systems and by foliar application. Copper has an important role in photosynthesis. In the case of high copper deficiency leaves turn to yellow and fall, seeds do not develop, eventually plantshould die. In the case of borium deficiency the transfer of sugar will delay. Which results in the dead of meristems, lack of blossoming and retreat in root growth. Molibdenium acts in nitrogen fixation and in nitrat assimulation. The most obvious result in molibdemium deficiency is irregularity in chloroplasts and since it is active in phosphorus metabolism, lack of blossoming. Combi2 maintains it is longevity in high PH level soils and increase productivity by preventing losses due to micro elements deficiencies.


Guaranteed contentAmount(w/w)%
Soluble Iron3/3
Soluble Manganese1/2
Soluble Zinc1/4
Soluble Copper1
Soluble Boron5/0
Soluble Molibden043/0
Humic acid1/33
Fulvic acid1/2
Total organic matter3/43
Maximum moisture5/5