Copperzinc humate

Copperzinc humate is 100% soluble and solve easily. Copperzinc humate is left by it is own by being spilled in a cup of post(cusk or bucket)slowly. It does not get mixed, it gets solved by it is own. It can be applied with sprinkling, dripping and running water via fimugations from leaves for any type of soil. 100% humic acid chealated copperzinc humate can be used in all kinds of soil, by all irrigation systems and by foliar application. Copperzinc humate application in early stages, provides immunity to diseases and prevents product losses due to zinc and copper deficiency. Zinc acts in biosynthesis of indo 1-3-acetic acid(AA) in plants. In plant hormonal development zinc and copper are quite important. Developing enough sprouts,fruit loops, to reach normal leaf size, are quite effective in polunation process and fruitdevelopement and in reaching fruits to desired size and quality. Plants where copperzinc is used, have the most resistance to negative environmental conditions such as extremecold, extreme hot, drought and extreme soil conditions.

Guaranteed contentAmount(w/w)%
Soluble potassium oxide7/13
Soluble Zinc01/8
Soluble Copper05/2
Total(humic acid+fulvic acid)4/56
Total organic matter3/51